Wednesday, 25 February 2015

London Fashion Week AW15

"It's been a week to be proud of." ~Caroline Rush

So London Fashion Week has come to an end. And what an amazing week it's been. 

House Of Holland chose to use a conveyer belt instead of a catwalk. 

Shades of pink at House of Holland

"The clothes do speak but to actually create a narrative behind the's exciting and fun" ~Jean-Pierre Braganza, talking about LFW and the Fashion Film he made together with Henry Holland and Gareth Pugh which was shown this week.

Lots of ruffles by Simone Rocha

Some incredible shoes by Sophia Webster were on show

"I think of a Topshop girl and she's got a bit of attitude, which I think is what London is all about." ~model Erin O'connor, speaking about the Topshop Unique show.

It was very seventies at Topshop Unique

I particularly liked the autumnal theme in the Jasper Conran show: the outfits were simple but effective.

All the leaves were brown at Jasper Conran, with lots of indigos, greens and browns

"You shine an international spotlight on the best of British." ~Jack Guinness at the Hunter show

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Who is Winnie Harlow?


Chantelle Brown-Young (known as Winnie Harlow) is the up-and-coming model who is proving that everyone has beauty, but not everyone can see it. 

The 20 year old has a skin disease called Vitiligo. This is when your skin loses its colour in patches, caused by a lack of the chemical melanin. As a child she suffered from bullying, with other children calling her "zebra" and "cow". 

But that hasn't held her back. Having competed in cycle 21 of ANTM (America's Next Top Model), Harlow was recently signed as the new face of Desigual and Diesel, and has proudly strutted down the catwalk alongside the likes of Naomi Campbell in New York Fashion Week. 

Harlow in a Desigual Campaign

I think Harlow is an incredible woman. Despite the fact that she is not the conventional definition of beauty, she embraces herself and she is beautiful for it. Her confidence and happiness are an inspiration to us all. I am really glad that the fashion industry is welcoming all different types of people: fashion shouldn't be for an elite group of size 0s, it's for everybody.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

What I'm Wearing

~ What I'm Wearing ~

I've been shopping quite a few times lately and haven't been able to help myself...I've bought a lot of clothes. Here is what I've been wearing a lot lately.

Collared 'Alexa' Dress from ~ it's just super cute!


Clarks' Suede Yarra Desert Boots ~ a cool twist on the classic desert boot, with a wedge heel

H&M Floral Crop Top ~ very pretty for Spring

Striped Block Heel Boots from New Look ~ a casual canvas trainer made into a Chelsea boot

Classic Green Parka with removable fleecy lining from Uniqlo ~ it's so warm and I love the furry hood!

H&M Tunic Top ~ with an adjustable draw-stringed hem, I think this top will be perfect for spring/summer '15

Barry M Nude Nail Polish ~ subtle but pretty, light pastel pinks are also really nice

Babylips Tinted Lip Balms ~ add a touch of colour to easily chapped lips during this frosty month

Friday, 13 February 2015

Fashion Rant

Things I hate right now:

Chokers ~ they look cheap, and too tight. Why would you want to wear something that looks like you're being strangled?

Huaraches ~ honestly. They look like a combination of crocs and the mexican sandals, Guarachas. They EVEN have a similar name!

See the resemblance?

Bad Ombré Hair ~ If you can't do ombré properly, don't try it. I have seen so many girls lately with half their hair natural, half 'ombré', with a line separating it. It looks ridiculous.


Right, now that I've finished moaning, here are my current Fashion Faves:

Collared Tops/Dresses ~ great when layered with snuggly jumpers

My collared dress, paired with a H&M sweater

Peplum Tops/ Dresses ~ simple but very chic 

My peplum dress

Parkas ~ classic, and very cosy with their furry hoods

Crop tops ~ super cool. They look great with denim high waisted jeans when it's cold.

Satchels ~ there are so many different styles and colours right now!


A couple of my satchels

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Models or Celebrities?

Celebrities are taking over the fashion industry. On perfume bottles, on the covers of fashion magazines....models are gradually getting replaced. But is this a good thing or a bad thing? 


Kendall and Karl
The Kardashians are everywhere, Kendall Jenner is now doing some work with Karl Lagerfeld, something that I'm sure most models can only dream of. Justin Bieber did an advertising campaign not long ago for Calvin Klein. But maybe it's cool to see famous faces on the covers. They're more easily recognised because everyone knows them: would you rather see Ronaldo on a billboard for Calvin Klein or a model you don't know?  

Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein

The major fashion designers seem to be all about this celebrity trend too, with Marc Jacobs choosing Miley Cyrus for a recent campaign.

Miley for Marc

In my opinion, and I mean no disrespect, celebrities should stick to what they do already. Models have to work very hard to get good jobs and work with the best people, whereas Taylor Swift didn't need to attend countless modelling castings to get on the front cover of Vogue. I find it quite sad. Don't celebrities get enough publicity as it is without taking over the fashion industry too? 

Picture sources: @karllagerfeld @justinbieber @mileycyrus on Instagram

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Ways to Wear: A Scarf

~ Ways to Wear ~

Accessories can completely change an outfit. Most people wear a scarf wrapped around their neck. But there are no rules in fashion.

1: The bow necktie

2: The headband

3: The bandeau top ~ great for the beach

4: The keychain ~ adds a touch of glamour to any bag

5: The turban (there is more than one way to tie this)

6: The sash

7: The wristband

8: The belt

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Tailored Trends: Asian Fusion

Tailored Trends ~

The '70s are back this season and that means flares, florals and...Asian fusion?

When I went shopping recently I couldn't help noticing the countless kimonos. And I have to say, I can't get enough of them.

                 My personal favourite is this one, £5.99, from H&M . The floral pattern is really pretty and I love the tassels.     


Also from H&M, this kimono-poncho combo is £24.99. It has a stylish aztec print and is quite thick and cosy.

                The display in Monsoon, featuring a particularly gorgeous kimono.                                

        There were some beautiful Japanese prints in New Look.

But what do you think of this oriental must-have? Let me know in the comments!